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If you crave ethnic – especially Asian food – it can be hard to survive in the city of the sea buckthorn and other Nordic extremities. Kim Wejendorp and his wife Kat are modern journeymen travelling and working in the world’s food hot spots. Kim is a Kiwi, his wife Australian. They have been working in Copenhagen for a couple of years. He works at Amass, the wife at Noma – both avant-garde, cutting edge, modern kitchens. You’d think that would be all the food a couple can handle, but in their spare time, they trawl through Copenhagen for street and ethnic food. Missing the Pacific flavors they’ve tasted through their travels, they are now eating their way through the Copenhagen side streets. These are Kim’s choices for Chinese in Copenhagen:

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Kim: a New Zealander at Amass – charting asian food in Copenhagen

1: Noodle House

“Noodle House in Abel Catherines Gade is a favourite of ours”, he says. Noodle House is a Chinese family restaurant, where you go for flavor – not the interior design. It has an enormous menu, which usually guarantees pre-fab(ricated), easily heated frozen food.“ But here everything is homemade, just lovely and affordable Chinese food,” Kim says. The menu has traditional items such as congee, pigs’ ears, tripe and pigs’ feet.

Noodle House


2: Maga Sasa

The place is on Istedgade, in the hipster part of town. And it’s not the place you’d expect anything out of the very ordinary run of the mill Chinese place, the kind that looks identical all over the world. “At the back of the menu they have Sichuan section – for spicy, southern Chinese food. Ignore the rest of the menu – go straight for the Sichuan stuff,” Kim explains.



3: Fu Wa

“You know that most dim sum is frozen stuff they pick up pre-made. That’s why so much Dim Sum in Copenhagen tastes the same. Fu Wa has handmade Dim Sum – and lots of it. (Check out the Dim Sum card - – it’s a monster).” The restaurant is not well recognized in the city and mostly visited by the Chinese community. “

Fu Wa


They do have a table at 1+1.

4: 1+1 Street Kitchen

For that everyday thing: this is the take-away joint you need to know: “It’s a cool little place that does great takes on Chinese street food.”

1+1 Street Kitchen



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