From nose to fluffy tail

In our first post, we thought only with our dicks. This time around we figured that we should take the whole body into consideration. Hop forward Mr Rabbit.

As the trends in many restaurants over the last few years (or decades) have leaned towards using mainly the prime cuts of meat, we challenged ourselves to try to make something tasty out of all parts of the animal.

Nose to fluffy tail.


From top left going clockwise: loin, legs, bones, heart, liver, head, shoulders and kidneys.


The stock

Roast the bones and all of the trimmings, deglace with red wine, cover with water and simmer for a few hours. Strain the stock and reduce to a lovely glace.

This works well as a sauce base or folded into the leg meat to help set the terrine.


The head

Pan fry until nicely browned with aromatic herbs. Brush with the glace and finish in the oven. The cheeks somehow reminded us of beef steak so we serve with a béarnaise and roasted carrots. To be eaten with the hands. The tongue is particularly succulent.

Rabbit head pan Head bearnaise2


Salt the legs and shoulders overnight. Slowly confit and then pick down the meat. Pack into terrine mould, layering with roasted vegetables and the rabbit glace. Cling film and press hard so you have a nice, firm terrine.  Served with rhubarb and unripened strawberry, toasted brioche.



Fry in a hot pan and finish with a little butter. Rest for two minutes. Served with lightly cooked peas and beans, nasturtium flowers and a gooseberry butter.



Fry in a hot pan so golden all over a pink in the middle. Served with onions and cherries, a sauce made from cherries and aromatic thyme.

Kanin 3


A quick flash fry so it is still pink in the middle. Served with a fermented radish and the rabbit juices stirred with the some of the roasted liver.



Roasted liver whipped with cream. Fresh blueberries and pine, blueberry jam and sour dough.


Try at home.

Victor Wågman & Samuel Nutter

Victor Wågman & Samuel Nutter

Owners & Head Chefs, BROR & lillebror

The idea of turning trash into treasure has long been embedded in Restaurant Bror’s owners Sam and Victor. Without a huge budget to get things up and running, they had to get creative from upcycling furniture to foraging and using every single part of the animal.

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