Going to Christiania Where the Wild Things Are

So René Redzepi is closing the epicentre of the food revolution in the Nordic region. To build another one. In a place unheard of for a gastronomic temple, in a derelict part of town where all the thieves, the smuglers, the wild women and the dreams of a life less ordinary still lives. Where he wants to grow and cook his food in the same motion.

We’re kind of in awe of how this man keeps transforming and expanding what is means to be a chef, and what cooking is.


Produced by Fantomfilm
Sounds by Efterklang
Stills by Ditte Isager
Drone footage by droner.dk



The new location: Photos Ole Troelsø

Kasper Fogh

Kasper Fogh

Writer, Aorta

Very interested in all that breaks new land in the attempt to create a better, more delicious ad sustainable food culture.

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