Mads Friis Østergaard-Clausen

Mads Friis Østergaard-Clausen

Creator of Fine Cheeses & other Dairy Products, Arla Unika

Mads has an insatiable appetite for new experiences of taste and flavor in the field of dairy. Rather searching for something new than recreating what is established an deemed as good taste. Up for the challenge of moving boundaries and bending rules made by tradition and habits. Sees innovation as a social process, a result of human interaction, more than a question individual knowledge and skills.

So Mads is the one you’ll find fermenting milk, vacuum-pickling cheeses in beers or fruit wines, turning Icelandic yoghurt-like “skyr” into soft ice and generally trying to alter our perception of the well known dairy products. He’s the brain behind some of the best new cheeses inside that special line of high quality cheeses that Danish Dairy giant Arla has been developing for the past 12 years known under the name Unika

Arla Unika

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