Ayhan Aydin

Ayhan Aydin

Meal ecologist, Nordisk Matutveckling AB

Ayhan Aydin (b.1975) is a meal ecologist. He holds a BA in Biology from Örebro University, Sweden.


His interdisciplinary practice consists of projects that consider art, science and food. He is interested in creating stories through meals and challenge the idea of what a meal is. Often he takes ordinary and known food-items and creates something unexpected but still familiar. Many of his projects interlink many disciplines and construct narratives. Some food products, he has created, have been developed from the understanding of the contemporary culture of Sweden.


He is one of the founders of Nordisk Matutveckling AB (Nordic Food Development). A central idea within the company is to create new products from Nordic produce or distinct Nordic outputs. Nordic Food Development applies various culinary traditions on the existing product with a modern twist in order to utilize and repurpose them. In NFD’s work, there is a strong mix of usage of natural and social sciences, together with empirical knowledge. NFD creates products that are made mostly in the Nordic countries but with attributes from the science of cooking or older forgotten traditions.  For NFD, it is important to stand in the soil but also being receptive to the influences they already have together with the help of the current digital infrastructures that they employ. Their first product is Sotika, a condiment that accentuates umami and acidity. Most of the condiments on the market highlight sweet and umami like for example ketchup, hoisin sauce or HP-sauce. They wanted to create a product that interacts with food-items on the plate.


His artistic work includes collaborations with OPENrestuarnt (USA). He also took part in a theater play, called “Restaurang Allemansrätten” (the restaurant right of commons). He conceived and created the food that accompanied the play and which played a central part in the story. He has created conceptual dinners, both in restaurants and for Underverk, an Experience Design Studio. For the New Nordic Food II, Ayhan together with two other artists conceived Nordic Sound Bite, a gastronomic interpretation on five bands musical DNA. Together with the Experience Designer Josefine Vargö, they run an ongoing project: Taste the Change of Frequencies, sound and food experiences project. They invite the audience to listen to soundscapes and detect the changes in their taste according to the surrounding audios.