Claus Henriksen

Claus Henriksen

Head Chef, Dragsholm Castle

Claus Henriksen was the young sous-chef from Noma that Dragsholm Castle picked when the old castle was to reclaim its position as one of the best places to eat and stay outside of Copenhagen.


Claus’ cuisine is a hyper-local cuisine. Everything he does is based on the nature and agriculture surronding his castle. He is a constant explorer of the forest and beaches around the castle. He believes gastronomy should be an interpretation of nature through craftmanship. The vegetables are always center stage, often using dairy-products to create balance. The area he cooks in is famous for asparagus and carrots – which you’ll often find. His desserts are light and mineral, he is one of those chefs that have his own ”language” – you can always recognize his food. Should you be lucky enough to go to Dragsholm and eat Claus Henriksens food, you will literally eat your sourroundings.


Oh – and he’s one of those guys who takes cocktails for food seriously.

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