Peter Nøhr & Asmus Jensen

Peter Nøhr & Asmus Jensen

Head Chef & Historian, KOST

How do you get great, sustainable food at home, everyday, with no waste, at low prices and from the best local farms, dairies and butchers? This is the Gordian knot. You can eat great at home, but if you’re an urbanite like us, it will cost you. You never have access to the great local suppliers that deliver to the best restaurants. You’re bound to create lots of waste, because cooking from scratch will leave you with stuff you never get used. And because you’re a busy person, you don’t have time to go to four different shops on your way home. In the end, this all means that most of you will be slaves to the supermarket.

This was why a small band of food enthusiasts got behind a little shop called KOST to make that great neighborhood shop, where you swing by and get everything you need, including a simple recipe for a great everyday meal. Not take-away – you cook it yourself – they just made it easy, packing everything you need in just the right amount. It’s the good food revolution taken out of the restaurants and into your kitchen. The chef Peter Nøhr is the guarantee for a high level of food thinking – he brings his experience from places like El Cellar de Can Roca and The French Laundry to the Vesterbro neighborhood of Copenhagen. Together with Asmus Gamdrup, a historian specialized in foods and crops, they try to raise the level of everyday cooking.

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