Carol Choi & Lisa Lov

Carol Choi & Lisa Lov

Baker & Pastry Chef, Mirabelle & Sous Chef, RELÆ

Carol Choi is a New York native, who moved to Copenhagen to work as a pastry cook at Noma. It was in Copenhagen that she first experienced food which tasted “alive.”  She then discovered her passion for sourdough bread baking and went on to work as baker and pastry chef for Relæ and Manfred’s.  She now works as head baker at Mirabelle.

Lisa Lov was born in New Zealand, to Cambodian-Chinese parents and moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend university and go snowboarding. After graduating with a bachelors in Psychology, she worked her day time hours in an office, doing recruitment for the Winter Olympics while working nights and weekends as a line cook at Maenam, Thai restaurant. It was here where she discovered that her true priorities lay with making and eating delicious food, all the time. This passion and the curiosity to learn more, took her around the globe to do stages, including Attica and The Royal Mail in Australia and Nahm and Bo.Lan in Thailand. The interest turned into a profession when she moved to Copenhagen and started working at Relæ in 2010. Starting as a stagiere and hired as a commis, she worked her way up to chef de parti, bread baker, and then ended up as Tigermom/sous chef. The name, Tigermom, comes from her ‘tough-love’ approach of training the apprentices at Relæ. From then onwards, ‘Tigermom’ became the name of her series of pop-ups where she serves Asian comfort food using quality organic ingredients.

Mirabelle / Relæ

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