The Butter Vikings

The Butter Vikings

Butter makers, Kosta Mejeri & Mathantverk

Patrik is a former IT-consultant who realized that that was no way to live. He’s been a coffee grower, a fisherman and a salt maker. But butter was his true calling. In the part of Sweden he lives in, they insist that they, back in the Viking days, brought butter churning to the rest of Europe. Together with wife and partner Maria they went to the woods to live deliberately like Henry David Thoreau would have put it; making the best of butters, constantly experimenting with butter and dairy in general.

Patrik Johansson & Maria Håkansson are butter makers. But much more than that. They’re constantly experimenting with cattle, milk, temperature – all the things involved in dairy. Some of the best chefs in the world have taken to their butters. ​

Kosta Mejeri & Mathantverk

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