Tobias Emil Jensen & Tore Gynther

Tobias Emil Jensen & Tore Gynther

Brewers & Owners, TO ØL

Let’s get this straight – we are what’s called a gypsy brewery or a pirate/nomad/contract/gold digger brewery. This means that we don’t own our own brewing equipment, but brew at others instead. We do this because we think it is the absolute best way to ensure the highest quality, the widest variety and continually being able to reinvent ourself and the beers we brew. We are gypsies and we are proud of it.

So in short: If you want to visit our brewery, then it is not because we are unpolite snobs that we say no.

The story
In 2005 Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther were sitting at their old college talking to their teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) about it being a shame that most Danish breweries was scrambling to describe how their beers had been brewed for over 100 years, rather than focusing on the actual taste and content of the beer (as if a stale lager ever has become less nauseous by the fact that it has been brewed for over 100 years!?) The three of them agreed that the only way to ensure the quality was to brew the beers themselves. So they did. Soon they were allowed to borrow their schools’ kitchen during the schools’ closing hours and they began to brew. This meant, however, that most of the brews were made between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am on weekdays, which resulted in some hard school days for both the two pupils and their teacher, but the hunt for quality and potent beers had begun and a concept of never making compromises with the quality was founded.

Later Mikkel started the brewery Mikkeller, while Tobias and Tore continued to craft brew until they in 2010 found that their brewery To Øl (Danish for Two Beers) was now ripe to make its first commercial brew. The word spread fast and as Mikkel heard his old students plans, he insisted on making a collaborative brew between Mikkeller and To Øl, which became the first beer to release from To Øl – Overall IIPA. Ever since then To Øl has continued to brew beers that pushes the boundaries of beers. The approach is to always use the best raw materials, never make compromises with the taste, don’t follow fashion or certain styles and always have an open mind.

Despite the short lifetime of To Øl, the brewery has already gained a huge amount of positive attention in craft beer societies around the world for their non-compromises made with the quality brewing style, and they are now exporting to over 30 different countries including Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Australia. To Øl was placed in Ratebeers list of best breweries in the world in 2012 and 2013 and awarded world 9th best brewery in 2014.

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