In the middle of the Watten Sea is one of those gems you don’t find unless you really know what you’re looking for. Chef Jacob Sullestad runs a country inn from 1722 – but with a modern and super intense local cuisine based on the things that grow strong in a fierce part of the Danish nature, lying exposed to the North Sea. Photograper Claes Bech-Poulsen shared these images of the feel from Fanø and the lovely, lovely Sønderho Kro. Pure photo porn.

Strandkrabbe, hyben og multe

Rosehip & fish.


Wadden Sea Oyster on ice.

Jakob Sullestad

Head chef Jacob Sullestad staring at the sea. He says he does that every day. Apparently doesn’t get bored with it.

Kniv- og hjertemuslinger med kveller og strandarve

Cockles, cockles, cockles.


Traditional clothing of the women of Fanø.


Local oysters.


Kasper Fogh

Kasper Fogh

Writer, Aorta

Very interested in all that breaks new land in the attempt to create a better, more delicious ad sustainable food culture.

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