Tea and Beer – Terrific Cheese Companions

Wine is well established as a good beverage  to match cheese. Other drinks open doors to new experiences, and it seems that classic stuff like tea and beer have quite some potential. Our ambition was to maintain equal love and respect for both the cheese and the beverages. So we teamed up with passionate souls who are devoted to either tea, or beer, and on top off that are cheeseheads…. and then we ate and drank. This to mention that our work was merely empirical.


Temperature and Carbonation

When we eat, the process of chewing food is essential to experience taste, understood as what is detected by tastebuds on the tongue and the retronasal aromas. When we chew, cheese is broken down, suspended in saliva and heated to body temperature. Drinking while eating can, depending on the beverage, support the distribution of taste, and leave you with a result of greater taste.   Besides alcohol content, two  properties  of the beverage play a significant, functional role: temperature and carbonation.

Hot stuff

In the usual context of cheese and wine pairing, the temperature of the wine is often between 10 and 20 degrees celcius. Tea (and coffee) have a special feature compared to wine, as the are ususally served at temperatures way above mouth/body-temperature. Hot tea or coffee help to suspend the cheese in your mouth, as the cream/milkfat part of the cheese melts rapidly.



From the sparkling wines we know at the bubbles provides something extra that facilitate really good matches while served with cheese with massive cream content. The carbonation makes beer such a good cheese companion, and give great matches, even in combinations of moderate to low alcohol beers with cheese with massive cream content.

And now for something really useful

Below you will find some pairings that we find to particularly good

It looks like advertising for specific products, but I see no other way than to be specific about what we found to working well, to make it easy for you to try at home.

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Thanks to:

Mikkel Hornnes

Marie Linea Østergaard

Lukas Marmer Hohwü



Mads Friis Østergaard-Clausen

Mads Friis Østergaard-Clausen

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