The Championship of Love & Hot Dogs


Every year some of the better chefs in Denmark leave their stoves and fine dining palaces to compete in the noble art of serving a hotdog. Over the years it has brought us much pleasure, we’ve seen every conceivable hotdog chefs could dream up.

The Danish restaurant critic Ole Troelsø started the national Danish hotdog competition to save the Danish sausage stands. Once they were on every corner, the only Danish street food. But for years they had been in decline, becoming ever poorer in quality, and losing the grip on the streets to new and ethnic street foods: There are now more sushi shops in Copenhagen than there is sausage stands. Ole thought the way to raise quality and create appreciation was through getting the top chefs involved.

These were the dogs of 2015:

Kasper Fogh 2015-5481

The winning dog: Jeppe Foldager of restaurant Alberto K and former silver medalist at Bocuse d’Or won for the second year in a row; being the skilled competetition chef that he is. Sausage made from Duroc pork and a hay-cheese, a brioche bun, mushroom sauce, smoked cheese, lardo, herbs, concentrated tomatoes – and some stuff we forgot.

Kasper Fogh 2015-5479

The happy champion.

Kasper Fogh 2015-5688

Second place: A japanese-inspired steamed bun, then roasted with a burner.

Kasper Fogh 2015-5705

Paul Cunninghams team from Henne came as Storm Troopers serving death from blasters and hotdog from the dark Sith himself – with a red lightsaber – an aubergine mustard was the invisiblae magic of the force:

Kasper Fogh 2015-5648

other entries were equally magnicient:

Kasper Fogh 2015-5673 Kasper Fogh 2015-5612


Kasper Fogh 2015-5591 Kasper Fogh 2015-5519 Kasper Fogh 2015-5496 Kasper Fogh 2015-5464 Kasper Fogh 2015-5458 Kasper Fogh 2015-5442 Kasper Fogh 2015-5432 Kasper Fogh 2015-5416 Kasper Fogh 2015-5406 Kasper Fogh 2015-5395

And for the love of the women of Paul‘s Henne:

Kasper Fogh 2015-5574

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